Ask Questions, Get Answers and Make Connections With New Texting App Oros


APRIL 3, 2018 -- DALLAS, TX -- A new messaging app that connects people around the world launched today, allowing users to text anyone, anywhere, about anything. OrosText, commonly known as “Oros,” expands a users’ connections beyond their Contacts list by allowing them to ask questions, get answers and make connections.

Oros is ideal for discussing a wide range of topics, with contact filters that enable users to customize what topics and geolocations they want to explore. Oros aims to create a community and foster trust among users across the globe.

“Everyone texts! Billions of people around the world use text messages to communicate daily. But texting as we know it is currently limited by one major factor -- you can only talk with those on your “Contacts” list. Oros aims to change that, and connect people around the world to share different perspectives, experiences, and insights,” said Amit Patel, Oros’ founder. “Oros is your group of friends...expanded!”

Oros users can do a variety of things, from seeking food recommendations in a specific city to talking about sports teams to receiving gift-giving tips. For example, a user planning a trip to Chicago might use Oros to ask locals about the best pizza place to try, bypassing hours of online research and avoiding the disappointment of a bad meal.

“As food and travel writers, it is so important that we carefully plan our trips by seeking out the best spots for authentic, regional cuisine. Oros makes it super easy to quickly gather recommendations from locals and experts, saving us lots of research time!” said Food and Travel Writers, Karen Reinsberg and Gavin Booth,

Oros users can answer questions, too, building connections with others along the way. Initial users are thrilled with the app’s convenience and versitility, and are raving about the awesome insights it provides.

“I find that real recommendations from real people are more important than ever when I am planning for trips or outings. Oros easily connects me not only with my group of friends and family, but also with locals and experts when I need a tip or recommendation!” - Ramona Cruz-Peters, lifestyle and travel influencer

Oros is extremely easy-to-use, with topic possibilities that are nearly endless. Oros is launching in Austin, Texas on April 3, 2018, with plans to expand to additional cities thereafter. Oros was recently accepted into the DivInc pre-accelerator, which champions diversity in the tech startup scene. DivInc is a 12-week program that offers programming, mentorship and resources to help bootstrapped startups like Oros succeed.

About Oros

OrosText, LLC is a Texas corporation headquartered in Dallas, and is the next generation group messaging application. Oros was founded by Amit Patel, and was accepted into the DivInc accelerator in Austin Texas in February 2018. The application is being developed by a strong IT consulting company that has partnered with OrosText. There are also several advisors, who are aiding in the direction and strategy of the company.

You can learn more about Oros on the Oros website, and download the mobile application from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to try it out today!

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