Oros for Families

From child care and pediatrician recommendations to quick weekday dinner recipes - members of the Oros community are here to answer your questions. Want to ask a fellow Mom in Austin advice on a family-friendly brunch spot? Oros can do that! Easily target other Oros users by location, hobbies, and more - and connect with other Oros users. Hop in and answer other questions as well!


Oros for Foodies

Think of Oros as your new personalized, trustworthy version of Yelp! Are you looking for the best pizza place in Chicago? Looking for a great happy hour spot in Austin? Need an anniversary dinner recommendation? Use the Oros community to crowdsource and discover the best venues in your city!


Oros for Explorers

Oros presents endless opportunities for adventure! Want to find the best place to stay in Paris? Trying to find the best ski slope for late season spring skiing? Need advice on the best time to travel to New Zealand? Connect with Oros users around the globe, that have similar interests to you, and get set, ready, and go, on your next adventure with Oros!


APRIL 2017

“As food and travel writers, it is so important that we carefully plan our trips by seeking out the best spots for authentic, regional cuisine. Oros makes it super easy to quickly gather recommendations from locals and experts, saving us lots of research time!”

Karen Reinsberg and Gavin Booth / Couple in the Kitchen



About Oros

Oros was founded by Amit. When Amit and his wife moved to Chicago (from Florida), he wanted to buy a nice ‘welcome to a new city’ gift for this wife. As a non-trendy guy, he knew he needed help. Salespeople were just trying to take advantage and upsell him. And online searches resulted in a lot of paid results. He wanted to get real and authentic responses from people just like his wife...and that’s when it dawned on him.

Since nothing like that really existed, he went and created Oros...hoping to help others seek opinions and recommendations from other real users, without all the paid advertising and SEO-based results.

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APRIL 2017

“I find that real recommendations from real people are more important than ever when I am planning for trips or outings. Oros easily connects me not only with my group of friends and family, but also with locals and experts when I need a tip or recommendation!”

Ramona Cruz-Peters /